In an increasingly crowded media marketplace flooded with advertising messages, it is vital to choose the right media at the right moment.

We have access to all the key media research available in Slovenia. Apart from the research recognized as the industry standard (Television Audience Measurement, National Readership Survey, Audited Print Sales Figures, Radio Measurement, Website Traffic Measurement, Advertising Expenditure, Advertising Monitor, etc.), we also use other research, including that conducted by ourselves and our clients. We have access to numerous international knowledge bases and we regularly read international trade publications and attend trade events in Slovenia and abroad.

Rather than being content with the basic data obtained from research, we dig further using optimization tools, which allow us to fine-tune media campaigns in order to achieve or exceed the objectives set out in the strategy.

At the end of each campaign, we analyze media activities for effectiveness and compare media indicators with other marketing indicators if the client chooses to provide them.