The key to the successful implementation of a media strategy are effective optimization and good negotiation.

Media planning is the realization of a stated media strategy. Based on strategic objectives, media planners carefully choose suitable media, optimizing their plans with respect to a large number of different criteria: cost per thousand, reach, rating, target group's media preferences, the characteristics, quality and influence of the media, the suitability of their content, etc.

Media buying, on the other hand, is the realization of a stated media plan. The process of media buying does not end when purchase orders are placed with media outlets, but continues with the tracking of orders, the control of the delivery accuracy, and invoice processing.

Slovenia may not boast ten national TVs, but its media market is nevertheless vibrant and dynamic. We are dedicated to building strong and constructive media relationships, but at the same time we are demanding and persistent when it comes to the terms of collaboration. With us, you can be sure that your budget is in the hands of experienced negotiators.

We plan and buy across a wide range of media, from mass to niche, and from traditional to new and digital. We invent new media and use the existing ones in innovative ways.