The generation of savings and optimization begin at the stage of media strategy development and not at the stage of negotiation with media owners.

Even though a good media strategy is always part of a broader communication strategy, it can be created at any stage of the strategy development process.

Quite often, the media strategy dictates the communication strategy or the two strategies are developed simultaneously. It has been a long time since media strategists ceased to work under the direction of agencies' creative departments. Due to their knowledge about target groups, the media market, the life of brands and the latest communication trends, their advice is very useful in determining the budget, selecting communication channels, finding an appropriate way to use them, and deciding which metrics to use to measure effectiveness.

The key aim of the media strategy is to choose the right media to get the message through to potential consumers in an appropriate way.

The first step in the development of the media strategy is the definition of media objectives, which must be specific, measurable and in line with marketing and communication goals.
Some media strategies are aimed at reaching the largest possible number of potential consumers, while others are concerned with the question of how to reach potential consumers just the right number of times to achieve the desired level of consumer involvement. Just as important as the definition of objectives is the definition of the target group. Target group definitions still commonly revolve around demographic characteristics, which is mainly due to the use of standard tools and easy measurability, but there are also other ways of analyzing potential consumers, used by media specialists for quite a while.
Once the target group and objectives are defined, the strategy development process continues with the selection of media and the decision about the timing of the campaign, taking into account the nature of different media and the product or service to be advertised.